ApacheCon EU 2012

Apache 2.4

Policing the RFC: How Not To Kill Your Website at Scale

Apache Traffic Server

ElasticSearch in production – lessons learned


Apache Tika

Tomcat 8 Preview

### Servlet 3.1 * non blocking io * http upgrade (websockets) * change session id on authentication: protection against session fixation. already in tc but will be standard feature as of servlet api 3.1 * misc clarifications * security constraints are method specific: jsps respond to anything by default. what to do about this is under discussion * overlays dropped. !what are maven overlays? * Expression Language 3 contains lambdas * tc7 supports websockets via proprietary api. standard api might be backported to it.

Tomcat 8

OSGi for mere mortals

CouchDB growing up

Solr vs. ElasticSearch

Managing Installations and Provisioning of OSGi Applications

Unit- and Integration Testing with Maven

World of Logging

future of log4j 2

Faster builds with Buildr

What’s to like about Maven?

What isn’t?

Buildr goals

How does Buildr work?

-- Matthias Schütz 06 Nov 2012